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We are more than a traditional out of box web store solution. Our system is designed to be robust, responsive and flexible with the ability to be personalized to meet your unique business needs.
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Custom Integrated eCommerce Solution

Tailored for Your Unique Needs


Create a fully-customized, responsive and user friendly experience for your B2B and B2C customers that can be viewed beautifully on any device.


Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce sites with critical and efficient management systems using Antera’s CRM and Order Management software.


Work smarter, not harder. Automating and integrating the order and fulfillment process saves time for everyone involved in the sales cycle.

Stable & Secure

Your system, content and data are maintained in a secure PA-DDS certified software, with safe streaming updated and unparalleled stability.


Experience the benefits of AWS hosting, featuring pro-active hardware upgrade, 99.99% historical uptime with complete redundancies.


Run your site from anywhere in the world at any time of day with our 100% cloud based SaaS.

Key Features


Add-ons are optional products that can be added to other products. An example would be an additional logo position, optional additional items that improve the product and increase the unit cost.



Setup fees, artwork charges, rush charges are all additional charges that can be added to any product. The admin user has the ability to set them to be identified separately or added to the main product cost and not disclosed.



Providing purchasing or HR departments approval over orders has never been easier. You can set up user groups and user access levels to control all ordering and approval of orders. Access levels can provide multiple tiered approval levels.



Artwork is able to be uploaded on the stores. When synced with that Antera's order management system, you can half full artwork approval management on the front end of the store for selected users.



The Stores manage multiple attributes for each product. Size, color and logo position are just some of the attributes easily managed with each product.



Fixed banners or rotating banners are available for all menu items on the site. An admin has the ability to control the banner that is displayed, the the size of the banner, the display timing and optional trigger buttons on the banners as well.



Breadcrumbs identifying where the user has been on the site can be enabled or disabled on the stores.



Products can be grouped into categories for menu assignment. The system will auto categorize products as they come in and build menus, or allowing admin to control all menus.



Products also can be assembled in collections. Collections gives the admin another level of segmentation for products. Please also see tags.



Human resources, marketing departments and purchasing departments have the ability to authorize transactions and control company expenditures. With our corporate approval feature, companies can easily authorize transactions and manage all purchases through the stores.



Certain products can be designated as corporate buy products. You can select users that are authorized for corporate buy products over a specific time frame. The system then tracks purchases and allows users to buy products based on those settings. This feature it is most likely used for purchasing uniforms. An example would be, the corporate office gives a user the ability to purchase 15 uniforms per year, and directly bill those to the company. In the event the user purchases more than 15, the store would require payment by credit card over the 15 limit. Each year, the allowance would refresh and allow a new 15 directly billed to the company.



Corporate accounts are able to use cost centers to manage the approval process in stores. Advanced logic can be deployed to provide specific rules for the use and management of cost centers.



You have the ability to mass upload information into the stores using CSV upload. User lists, points, vouchers, gift cards and products can all be uploaded to the stores in a CSV format. A CSV example is included for each location that provides CSV upload.



Link to a another page within the site or a third party application or website.



In addition to the standard reports available in the system, there are custom report capabilities. Reports can be sent to dashlets for quick reporting or be available in printed form.



USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping options can be enhanced by using custom shipping options. You can add additional shipping options like Courier or local delivery.



The system is designed to provide our customer the flexibility to make changes and configure sites exactly as required. With our development team, you are only limited by your imagination.



One of the purchase options is direct bill. A user is prompted to accept the billing and the invoice is sent out by order management on a 3D open account.



Each module within the stores contain an editor allowing you to add special effects, text, images and video. The editor contain the ability to upload data or establish links.



Images can auto populate to provide multiple views and the ability to showcase products specific to colors and logos.



Product pricing can be setup to auto configure on products dynamically by supplier or product types.



Email us, or email this product can be enabled on product views to spread the word about your new offerings.



The ESP database connection allows a user to search and select products from the entire ESP collection of products or select preferred vendors and filter the results available to customers. You can also save products into categories or tags to display in various views.



Any product can be tagged as featured and available to be shown on the home page or specific pages.



Gift cards can be issued and uploaded for sale on the site or authorized to give away to users. Gift card reports allow you to see the pen status of all gift cards at anytime.



Admin users have the ability to use any Google fonts available. Simply select the font on the Google site and copy the code to the available spot on the Google fonts section.



Users placed into groups can receive discounts based upon the groups they are in. Same products can have a variety of discount levels based upon the group the users belongs to.



User groups can have unique logos on logon. The logo can be assigned per group or default to the main company logo.



You have the ability to change the pricing based upon user groups. You can provide different discount levels for users based upon the group that they reside in. A user can be in more than one group and receive the best pricing from either group.



Within a group you have the ability to restrict the products that are shown. For example, a marketing department could have special products only visible to them. When other users logged on to the site the marketing products would not be visible.



An admin can limit the purchase types that can be used by user group.



Shipping types can be modified by user groups. A user group can have certain authorized shipping options and other ones not available.



Users can checkout of the stores without requiring registration.



Users can sign in as a guest and create their own account if authorized.



Administrators can add images to a gallery that are authorized images for users to select. Users can be give the ability to upload new images, or restricted to use only the gallery images.



Allows the ability to have a variety of images scroll within any section of the site.



The stores manage inventory and can maintain details of minimum inventory levels and auto notify admins of orders that need to be fulfilled.



Reporting invoices provides the ability to view and approve invoices online.



Live chat with Zopim or provides the ability to talk live and real time to your customers while they are on the stores.



Per product or per order charges that can be added to make sure stores can recoup miscellaneous costs.



Sell in any currency using our international exchange conversion.



Select the languages you want to authorize and display a link at the top of the page to dynamically change the language.



Select from standard or multi-select view options. Special fields can be enabled to include varying type of product requirements.



Each different type of order can undergo a different process and have different requirements. We give you he flexibility to define order types for ultimate flexibility.



Rewarding employees or providing points for uniform purchase are two of the frequent ways point are used on the stores.



Set a timed purchase that ends at a particular date and time. Pricing goes down as products are ordered and users get notified of better prices each time a milestone is hit.



Determine the exact quantities you are willing to accept an order in. 250, 500, 1,500... Set any number of available quantities to limit the customers purchase.



Price breaks allow you to set a standard price for each products and control discount based upon the quantity ordered.



Suppliers pricing can be automatically adjusted based upon the specific discounts and programs offered uniquely to you.



Products can be addend to any page in a rotating scroller to highlight specific items. Settings control the amount of products shown, the rotation levels and the display of the scroller.



Web stores can be open to the public or made to be private and require login credentials. Public stores have the ability to show pricing or also require a login to see pricing details.



Order management integration will automatically process orders including the generation of purchase orders to suppliers.



Sales are easily able to be identified on products with a colored banner overlay over the corner of the image. Any product can be designated a sale item and later returned to non sale.



Detailed sales reports are available for view and advanced reporting can be accomplished with integration with order management. Detailed sales reports are available for view and advanced reporting can be accomplished with integration with order management.



Control over inventory in the shopping cart can be managed in the web stores and also passed to order management for full inventory control. Stores have the ability to assign stock when placed in the cart or after completed checkout.



Social media feeds allow you to direct activity to your sites and keep potential customers informed of new releases or specials on products.



Customized fields are able to be added at checkout for cost center, budgeting or open text. Fields can give the customer additional controls over the approval or purchasing process.



Layouts allow the creation of components using widgets to accomplish any design elements required on the stores.



Static pages provide the ability to publish any static content and combine it with products, information or special effects.



Freeze the menu on the page to make it easy to view all options when scrolling.



Stores automatically manage stock levels on products and can provide notifications if stock levels diminish.



Tags can be created and added to any products to publish them in widgets or on specific pages.



Products that are not pre-decorated or provide the user the ability to customize can have an upload artwork option in the store to make it easy to



Users can be placed in user groups that control products viewed, discounts provided, purchase methods and even logo's that appear.



User reports can provide detailed information on users activity and points or voucher levels.



Business cards and forms are perfect for variable print sales. The end user will be prompted to add variable fields on checkout which will provide a finished proof and camera ready artwork emailed to the printer of your choice.



Voucher reports provide detailed information about outstanding vouchers as well as the vouchers that have been redeemed to date.



One additional payment method is vouchers. Vouchers are tied to a particular user and can be used as currency to purchase products when authorized.



Add text that is able to be changed easily and frequently on the sites homepage. You can add images or videos as well as live html code.



Select any type of special effect or screen appearance with the widget builder. Each widget provides the ability to add custom text and Images to achieve your desired appearance or information flow.