Antera Software Terms of Use


The Antera Software Terms of Use, details important information about what you can expect of us and what we expect of you when you use Antera Software products and services.

The Terms of Use is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics including privacy, how we handle sensitive data, and what we do to protect sensitive data. The Terms also includes the rules for customers using Antera Software software.

The Terms of Use is composed of:

  • Master Service Agreement (MSA), a comprehensive agreement for using Antera Software software products. The MSA says what's expected of customers and what customers can expect of us while they're subscribed to Antera Software software. MSA’s are unique to individual customers.
  • Privacy Policy, which details how we collect, store, and process data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Data Breach Notification Policy, which details the steps we take to protect sensitive data and what we will do in the event that sensitive information is breached.
  • Antera Software and GDPR

Antera Software is a strong proponent of clear, concise and responsible privacy practices. We would like to explain Antera and GDPR.