Easily add products to Order Management.

Order acknowledgments, Vendor Purchase Orders, Artwork and any order related materials are managed with our order tracking system.

Quality Products Fuel Your Business! Search for products using our direct integrations with SAGE, ESP and DistributorCentral or create your own product database.

A quality search engine is critical to you getting the latest products and pricing. Antera has an internal database that maintains industry products. The selection of products to populate a quote is a simple task. The user has the ability to use SAGE Online and push products into Antera's system or simply select the products that are resident in Antera's database. The Antera database can be connected to major suppliers and/or manually allow the import of products.

Places products in categories and provides all the same benefits of the SAGE product feed. Extra categories can also be added to provide additional groupings of products. Major suppliers have automatic feeds to this section of the system. You receive the latest products, the most up to date pricing and even online inventory. Antera is adding suppliers and enhancing the system to manage all validation of suppliers’ products.

Is integrated with Antera Advance so a user can search products, create projects and push all the information directly into Antera Advance. You use SAGE Online as you normally would and select a combination of products to assemble into a quote. Once your product selection is complete, you select the "Push to Antera" option on the bottom of the SAGE screen and all products selected are pushed into the Antera Advance system and ready for quoting.

Allows a user to select any combination of pricing options by entering the desired margin, or manually edit pricing columns text or description fields. Images can also be loaded to replace the stock images placed by the suppliers. You have full control of the data to present in any way you want. The users has the ability to copy and paste items to a clipboard and then place in another quote. The copy quote feature allows you to easily generate multiple quotes on popular products.