Order acknowledgments, Vendor Purchase Orders, Artwork and any order related materials are managed with our order tracking system.

When a promotional products order is initiated, it could require as many as four vendors to be involved in a single product. Antera Advance will automatically identify orders requiring multiple vendors and generate an individual purchase order for each vendor. The user has the ability to see the master purchase order with all vendors together or view each vendors purchase order separately.

Master Sales Orders contain everything on the order including multiple suppliers. This is a recap of the total order. When an order is processed, this is the first document saved in the order folder.

The Supplier PO is automatically generated. In the event of multiple suppliers on the same order, a new purchase order is generated for each supplier. The system allows you to show supplier only notes and relay information to the supplier that is not seen by the customer. Supplier PO's can be setup to automatically send. Those suppliers with the capabilities to receive orders electronically in the form of an XML, CSV or EDI transaction can be setup to receive POs electronically in the form they require. Artwork uploaded with the order is automatically remitted to the supplier when the purchase order is sent.

The Supplier PO List provides a detailed view of the activity on all purchase orders. It is the control panel for managing and tracking orders. The list allows a user to see all purchase orders created for an order and an up to date status. The user can trigger actions including the management and approval of the purchase order, artwork and freight tracking all the way through the entire fulfillment and delivery process. Every order and purchase order can be easily viewed with the link to the cloud storage. Sales staff with limited access to purchase orders have the ability to view results and status activity in their own order summary.

Color coded actions make it easy to manage and control all aspects of the order and delivery process while automated notifications and updates make your processes easy to manage.