Why Antera?

With Antera implement best in class software solutions to increase sales revenues, customer satisfaction, and overall workflow efficiency.

Learn how Antera gives you an in depth view of your operation, from opportunity management to sales and fulfillment, we do the heavy lifting so you can laser focus on your business.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided to help you better understand our Products.


A. Antera offers both Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) and local client hosted systems. We will provide you options and allow you to determine if you want to host the solution or have it cloud based. We also have backup options to copy all of your data from the cloud to your local system. We don't hold your data hostage. You can export it at anytime.



A. Yes, the wearable matrix allows a user to select multiple quantities and sizes at each individual line item for the order.



A. Yes, the system allows for multiple commission rates per salesperson. The rates can be based upon gross profit or total revenue and you can set a minimum profit amount for commission to be earned.



A. Yes. Antera customizes each of our systems to match the specific requirements and workflow for your business. One of the big advantages of our programs is flexibility.



A. Yes, we do have a referral program. We get most of our business through client referral and we do have a referral commission that we pay to individuals or companies that refer us and result in sales.



A. Most of our clients select the cloud hosting because you have no server management or hardware requirements, but you have the choice. We have the ability to host it anywhere including your local servers.



A. Over the years, QuickBooks has expanded to become a very robust accounting system. We have the ability to integrate with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Enterprise to handle all of your financial accounting needs. You will be amazed how easy it is to manage and use.



A. Users have the ability to create an unlimited amount of quote templates and assign who has access to them. You can create templates unique to each user, product type or event.



A. Yes, we do. You have the option to use any of our standard web store templates or select one and have it customized to meet you or your clients purposes.