Build and strengthen customer loyalty by providing services the competition isn’t.
Add Value and they won’t shop around!

Antera's technology includes Portals. This is a major selling point for distributors attracting new business and trying to retain existing customers. This technology connects you to your customers’ in a way that will keep them as a customer for life. A portal can be an access point for you to allow your customers to see a window into your system. You may want to provide a secure access to all historical orders and order documentation or just information on new promotions.

You can extend a portal to be a SharePoint like communication device with calendar of events, news, special product promotions and collaboration on projects. Portals can automatically trigger actions and responses to ensure your customer has the most up to date information possible. A portal can even provide up to date statuses on all open orders and shipping/billing information. Imagine your customer being given all the details they need regarding their orders without you fielding additional phone calls or emails. You can configure multiple portals using unique user rights and even create portals for short term projects on the fly.