Customer Relationship Manager maintains and controls all your critical information for customers and vendors

This is where it all begins. Build extraordinary relationships and more efficiently manage and grow your business with our integrated Customer Relationship Management solution. Your organization can store, manage and easily access customer information in one central location. You can't sell products if you don't know who your prospects and customers’ are. The CRM is the starting point and the place to keep all your information regarding accounts, contacts, lead’s and forecast sales. It provides you with the database needed to manage all of your customers’ information. A good CRM will allow you to manage critical information about clients that include personal information on their family or birth date, as well as a full history of events and contacts that have been made.

The home screen provides a snapshot of all the details and activity in your system. Dashlets are customizable and allow you to display important information on sales reps activity, sales forecasts, historical sales, commissions earned and any other information you maintain on your accounts. Dashlets are customizable specific to each user and can display information for an individual or a team based upon the users permission. Sales management can maintain dashlets that report his or her individual stats and team stats.

The system maintains modules for accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, orders, and files as well as tasks, calls and emails. Additional modules and customization of modules will allow the system to really be written for your business. Antera includes hours for customization on every install and we release monthly updates to our systems providing new functionality. Security allows your users to access only what you want them to see. Fields can be added or modified to meet your company preferences and sales processes.

The system is truly designed to provide you with a unique system built for your company. Each of your preferences is configured to perform the way your company does. VOIP phone integration can allow you to dial a number by clicking on it and popup an integrated message window for you to record notes.

Tasks to complete, people to call, quotes to send, and who did you tell that you would be back in touch with them this week? These are the things a CRM is most valuable for. The CRM should be where you live. It should be the first program you open it in the morning and the last program you close at the end of the day. It should provide all the access you need to other systems and control all actions. This is why the core of Antera's promotional products software is built on a CRM.