Antera is doing some really cool stuff!  

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Advanced Artwork Workflow

Route your artwork to an Artwork Director, then forward to any number of Artists, auto forward back to the director for approval.  Manage all data with version control. Control the entire artwork proofing and approval process in our cloud system with audit trail and automatic notification.

Artwork Design Library

Antera's new Artwork Design Library will allow you to manage and store designs for each customer.  An image of the art and details of the design can be called from the order form to easily populate into an order. Now all customer artwork can be maintained efficiently. 

Logo Block

Imagine creating a web store and uploading a single logo to populate on all 100 products on the store.  No more cutting and pasting logos to show your accounts what the product will look like with their custombranding. Antera's "Logo Block" feature will allow you to dynamically populate all products on the store witha single upload.

Order API

Antera's Order Management System dynamically populates orders from our web stores, but with our new Order API, we can give you the ability to populate form stand eCommerce platforms or custom stores.  Use Antera's stores or a combination of ours and previous stores.


Report Builder

Every customer is unique.  They have special requirements, special circumstances and want special reports.  With Antera's new Report Builder, you can provide any number of custom reports and build reports on the fly to satisfy all of your customer needs.  

Store Replication

Build a web store and get it just right.  Once you have products, images and everything perfect, select a single button to replicate the store.  You can then add logo, color changes and be live in a matter of minutes. This feature makes it simple to add new stores in no time.    

Workflow with Gantt View

Every order has a timeline.  The best way to demonstrate timelines is to provide a view that represents the entire timeline from order to delivery.  With Antera's new Gantt view, you will be able to visualize the entire order and all steps in the process.  

Features added to Antera's new Order Processing Gantt View

  • Timeline view for all orders
  • Limit the timeline to a single order
  • Limit the timeline to all order types for example Embroidery
  • Allow drag and drop extension of times
  • Provide double click access to any steps to adjust the details
  • Manually add a step in any workflow
  • Add spoilage to a event to auto create a new order
  • Allow for down equipment or back-orders
  • See all aspects of the order process and reflect overdue or late stages.

Xero Integration

Xero is a New Zealand based cloud computer accounting package designed to provide small to mid size businesses a full accounting platform.  Xero is new technology utilizing years of experience and trying to improve upon the QuickBooks experience. Antera Xero integration will be released in July 2017.